When to change your filter!

 It is a great idea to change out your filter every 4 to 6 months. If you  have hairy animals, smoke in the house, keep your windows or doors open  often, and if you see dust accumulating on the filter you should change  it sooner. It is always a good idea to check on the filter and see if  you need it to be changed. 


Furnace Room Organization

 As tempting as it is to make this area a storage space for our holiday  decorations or clothing that our children have out grown, but it is not a  safe idea! The furnace or water heater is powered by electricity or  fossil fuels such as oil, propane or natural gas so it is best to keep  it well ventilated to ensure your families safety! 


Thermostat Power to furnace

 Before calling a technician out to service a unit verify/check power to  furnace. Do that by switching the fan on. Blower should come on and that  will show you that there is power. Check to make sure the door is  tightly closed as well. If it does not come on then proceed with making  an appointment.  


Maintenance Is HUGE in keeping a good preforming unit!


It is a great idea to have a scheduled  maintenance plan on your furnace and air conditioner. This will insure  that the sensors, safeties, ignitor, pressure switch, and all the  electronic controls are reading properly. With the new generation of  furnaces the electronics have very precise millivolt reading. It can  cause safeties to trip and no longer allow the furnace to come on. With  an annual maintenance plan you can be assured of  a safe and properly  running furnace by keeping up with the service and performance.